Theresa May’s walk in the Welsh countryside.

It is a scene designed to reassure. Theresa and her husband, walking through Wales’s stunning scenery, enjoying those simple pleasures that are accessible to us all.

But these simple pleasures aren’t accessible to us all. If you use a wheelchair, the countryside isn’t accessible. Beaches aren’t accessible, forest tracks aren’t accessible. If you use a wheelchair, you can’t follow in Theresa’s footsteps and try and identify the Welsh view that screamed “Hold a snap election!”


This isn’t a political post. It isn’t about cuts, or benefits, scroungers or strivers, it is about facts. Wheelchairs are brilliant on smooth surfaces. The country can be defined as the bits of the UK, (still including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at the moment), which haven’t been concreted, tarmaced or beaten into shape. Wheelchairs, with a little help, better doors, decent ramps and lifts, can cope with the urban environment. But wet lawn, gravel, rough grass, sand, shingle, twigs and branches, rocks, mud, heather and gorse are equally impenetrable.

Theresa May wants to govern for all of us, but she makes her political decisions in places that are shut off for so many people. This isn’t a plea for funds, just a plea for people to realise that so many places we take for granted, have huge and invisible, NO ENTRY barriers for people who use wheelchairs.wp-1470382318815.jpg

The solution is simple. Pony Axe S  has made the countryside accessible to anyone, using any wheelchair, to go anywhere.

I will let Rachel George explain why it matters.

A trip to a beach, for a child.

Theresa May enjoys the countryside. More people share her love of the countryside than probably any other opinion she has.  For all those who share the love of the countryside, but can’t get into it, just think what it would mean to you. No more trips to the beach, no more birdwatching, fishing, no more peace.


Pony Axe S can make it possible.

Let us.

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