Pony Axe S in Scotland

Pony Axe S has launched in Scotland. We started with PAMIS, in Pollok Park, Glasgow in April. Then we worked with PAMIS again at Prestwick Beach.

at Portobello Beach,

at Broughty Ferry Beach,

at Balmedie Beach,

and at St Andrews with PAMIS and TourismStAndrews.

In 6 days we took over 65 people who can’t access the beach, onto the beach.

We took manual wheelchairs, we took electric wheelchairs, we took mobility scooters, we took people who could walk a bit.

We took the very young, 3 or under, to a gentleman of 98. We took highly articulate people and we took people with no verbal communication, but they were all overjoyed to be on the beach.

Kids were charging around screaming and having fun, which pretty much defines a good day on the beach. Kids flew kites, chased dogs and got chased by dogs. People played Beach Volley Ball right round us. Dolphins came to have a look when people were in wheelchairs, in the water. Seals kept an eye on things and Terns squabbled over fish overhead. Eider duck watched from a safe distance and families of Mergansers cruised past.

We had people with an incredible range of conditions, but nobody was excluded. Pony Axe S never excludes anyone. We only say, “No weapons, and you aren’t allowed to deliberately frighten the pony.” Nothing else.

We happily accept people with epilepsy, but then that should be no surprise as we accept everyone. Pony Axe S is genuinely Inclusive. We even include people who walk unaided and believe they are normal. I suffer from this delusion and have enormous fun test driving the iBex, pony powered, wheelchair enabled vehicle. I may claim this is work, but it isn’t.

What do you need to do to enjoy Pony Axe S.

In Scotland, the law is on your side. Read the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. I love it to bits, but basically it says I can take anyone, across any countryside in Scotland.

The iBex pony powered wheelchair enabled vehicle has an integral loading ramp. Tie down straps, is insanely stable, and will go anywhere.

Obama, the pony does the rest. He has the power, and the enthusiasm. I amble along to check everything is OK. We don’t just do beaches, we can go anywhere.

We are fully insured and Risk Assessed by Glasgow City Council, BBC Countryfile, Help 4 Heroes, Scope, Devon County Council, South Downs Way etc