Riding for the Disabled, Risk Assessment.

Riding for the Disabled in England are going to shoot a horse because it bolted and according to the Chief Executive, Ed Bracher, is too dangerous to use ever again, ridden or driven.

Riding for the Disabled take people who use wheelchairs, and tie their wheelchairs onto horse drawn vehicles, securely tied on to horses that might bolt.

The definition of a horse that might bolt is a horse that is still breathing. Bolting is the horse’s number one, instinctive behaviour when scared.

This is not a hypothetical, “Elf and Safety”, con.

Two people died yesterday behind a bolting horse. Just ordinary tourists, followed in the horse drawn vehicles behind by their children and grandchildren.


Ed Bracher, or Riding for the Disabled said less than a year ago, “We don’t have a specific policy about bolting” when asked about his Risk Assessment for bolting horses and horse drawn vehicles.

The question is, does he now have a policy, and if so what is it.

He has refused to look at my work creating safe pony powered, wheelchair enabled vehicles for 8 years. In that time he has lied about them, and refused a comparative safety test after I had been on hunger strike, salt and water, for nine and a half days. He has allowed the great and the good to lie about me to block access for people who use wheelchairs.

This is not about the way RDA have treated me, this is visceral. I am not prepared to read that a person with disabilities has been dragged, terrified, to be maimed or killed, because RDA wants to be posh and traditional. Four dead, two maimed, that I know about. That is six too many.

I wrote this piece https://ponyaxes.com/safety-and-bolting/ yesterday, before I knew of the deaths of Rosalyn Few and Norman LaRose. I was cross then. I am spitting blood now. I want safety for vulnerable people, for tourists, for elderly ladies walking in the park. If people want to risk their own necks, fine. Just remember, the horse also died in Killarney. Your fun shouldn’t kill the innocent.