Safety Policy

Safety liberates vulnerable people, allowing them to enjoy freedoms the rest of us are allowed to choose at our own risk.

Pony Axe S brings safety. Where traditional activities sees risk assessment as a threat, we see risk assessment as a tool to liberate thousands.

We start with the major risk, bolting. “Bolting” describes the horse’s instinctive tendency, when scared to depart, flat out, towards the horizon. If there is a word just for this tendency, it is obviously a common problem.  The traditional approach is to simply ignore bolting and to rely on prayer. Pony Axe S provide a safe,simple answer and in the process, makes the countrside accessible to everyone, whatever their level of ability/disability, and whatever wheelchair they use, or don’t use.

 This is only possible if you see safety as a liberating force, rather than a threat to tradition.

This video shows what Pony Axe S do if we imagine a pony bolting.

Here is the traditional solution to the same issue. Prayer proves ineffective again.

The Canadian video shows clearly how powerful and unstoppable a bolting horse is. Imagine if person with hearing problems had been sitting on the bench, or if a child had been in the way. Pony Axe S can make such vehicles safe.

Our approach to safety is the same all along the line. Pony Axe S looks to modern solutions. We work with Kingston University Engineering Department to get a modern assessment of our vehicle. 

Pony Axe S is not trying to stop anyone, doing anything. The reverse is true. We have made the whole of the UK countryside accessible to anyone, using any wheelchair. We are creating a safe, entry level, equestrian activity. You learned to ride a bike without risking your neck, you learn to row in a modern club with no risk of drowning, and now that aeroplanes themselves have parachutes, you can even learn to fly without the risk of crashing.

Pony Axe S provides a risk free, learning experience for beginners. What you do later is your business. We ensure that when learning you can’t break your neck, you can’t crack your skull or face any of the other traditional hazards.

Pony Axe S works with vulnerable people who cannot give informed consent. This group clearly includes children. We want to give children a safe way to interact with ponies, and enjoy the speed and fun, that ponies can provide, and we do it while keeping them absolutely safe.

Without informed consent we cannot take risks with vulnerable people. So we created a safe activity for everybody. Pony Axe S.