Outdoor Health Benefits

Pony Axe S makes the countryside accessible to everyone. Pony Axe S is about Access, not ponies.

Pony Axe S uses a totally modern vehicle and harness system, and totally modern training to provide a totally safe, pony powered, access system. Safety is at the heart of Pony Axe S for obvious reasons. We work with vulnerable people who cannot give informed consent to risk. For them to enjoy access to the countryside, the system has to be safe.
Pony Axe S is safe, so we can take anyone, in any wheelchair, across any terrain. We also work with people who can give informed consent,but they don’t seem to mind being safe, so that is fine. Pony Axe S is genuinely Inclusive. We take anyone, regardless of ability/disability in any wheelchair, or none, wherever they want to go. We will never have Pony Axe S for the Disabled. We have Pony Axe S for people. I pretend I test drive the system to check safety, but actually, driving a wheelchair along the beach, or over sand dunes, or up Dartmoor Tors is enormous fun.

Enjoying the countryside is global. We go all over the world to look at beautiful views, interesting environments, and the wonders of nature, and the whole world visits us to do the same. But if you use a wheelchair, access to the countryside varies from difficult to impossible.
Plenty of medical research shows the health benefits of access to the countryside, but the group with the most complex issues, those with serious mobility problems, are excluded from the countryside. But not any more.

Hannah Cockcroft, the Paralympian told Countryfile, “We have to accept that some areas are simply out of bounds if you’re disabled and no one wants the countryside to be concreted over with paths. But many places could do better.

This summer, I took a wheelchair the full length of the South Downs Way National Trail. I met plenty of walkers and asked them when they last saw a wheelchair on the South Downs Way. “Never!” was the standard answer.

Pony Axe S is about access. We take people into the countryside for a picnic, or to watch the birds, study butterflies, strange rock formations or walk their dogs. Liking ponies is a bonus. This is not a pony based activity. We can park you in your wheelchair to paint, or photograph or snooze, chat, drink or whatever. With inbuilt ramp and easy loading, we can take people where they want to be, then collect someone else and take them to where they want to be. Multiple people can enjoy multiple activities with one pony providing the mobility.

Pony Axe S makes the countryside Inclusive at last.