Risk Assessment.

Pony Axe S is safe because we care about safety, we think it matters, and because it matters, we do something about it. Too many people moan about the nanny state, or start on about helmets and gloves and boots.

Both these approaches are flawed. Claiming that you have to be wrapped in cotton wool is clearly nonsense. Look at all the people enjoying Pony Axe S in complete safety, in normal clothes, with no cotton wool in sight.

The hard hats, boots and gloves brigade are just as bad. Personal protective equipment, the hard hats and boots, are an admission of failure which Health and Safety professionals see as a last resort when everything else has failed.

Pon y Axe S uses modern engineering, and a modern attitude to working with animals to get rid of the risks.

My 2013 online Risk Assessment is still good, and discusses most of the issues. The latest one is here, and looks not just at what Pony Axe S does, but complies with HSE regulations on written risk assessments and includes details of industry “good practice”. 

If anyone has any questions, I am happy to discuss any safety issues relating to Pony Axe S. Simon Mulholland, simon@ponyaxes.com