Pony Axe S Scotland

Scotland, for many reasons, is the perfect location for Pony Axe S. Number one. People in Scotland want to share their beautiful countryside with everyone. And everyone, in Scotland, definitely includes people with disabilities. Pony Axe S allows anyone, in any wheelchair, to go anywhere.

With Pony Axe S the countryside is, for the first time in history, accessible to everyone. Wheelchairs are brilliant, they give millions of people incredible freedom to move, BUT, wheelchairs don’t work well off firm, smooth surfaces. Soft sand, mud, long grass, heather and pebbles block wheelchairs totally. They might as well be razor wire. Transferring to beach wheelchairs or all terrain wheelchairs or Trampers isn’t even an option for thousands of people who can’t transfer. Transferring is awkward or frightening for tens of thousands more. And beach wheelchairs need a tough, fit and willing pusher. Pony Axe S takes people in their own wheelchair. We take people who use manual chairs, electric wheelchairs, 6 wheeled electric high lift wheelchairs, we even take people who don’t use a wheelchair. We are totally inclusive.

Pony Power tackles the toughest surfaces. Obama, the pony, sneers at gradients that are hard work to climb, without even thinking of pushing a wheelchair. Ground clearance doesn’t matter. If the iBex bottoms out, Obama is pulling a sledge till the wheels meet the ground again. The countryside is accessible to all.

In Scotland, people want to share their countryside and what happens in it. Vattenfall Engineering are installing 11 wind turbines for the European Offshore Wind Development Centre at Aberdeen Bay. The radical, suction bucket jacket foundations, are being installed in December or January, (weather dependent) which will be an awesome sight from Balmedie Beach. Vattenfall want everyone to be able to watch this fascinating engineering feat, and have invited Obama to make Balmedie Beach accessible to all who want to watch.

Scottish National Nature Reserves have invited Pony Axe S to show how everyone can visit their reserves. We make the countryside wheelchair accessible without modification. No digging, no construction, no concrete, just the freedom to visit. Pollok Park, Callander House and Dalzell Park all welcomed Pony Axe S, and 50 people enjoyed the grounds who had no other way to access the open spaces. Prestwick Beach, Portobello Beach, West Sands, St Andrews, Broughty Ferry Beach, Balmedie Beach, Fairlie Beach and Ardrossan Beach are open to people who use wheelchairs.

Pony Axe S has taken over 100 people onto these beaches in their wheelchairs. Families had their first trip, as a family, onto the beach. People who had never been in the sea, went in the sea. Dolphins, seals, Eider duck and Terns came to see what we were doing. Pony Axe S has spent four weeks in Scotland, taking over 150 people in their wheelchairs, to places they can visit no other way.

We have done so much because Scotland welcomed us. Scotland wants people who use wheelchairs to share their countryside. Pony Axe S see Scotland as our natural home and have incorporated the Saltire into our logo to celebrate a great country and great people. I hope this is not seen in any way as offensive, and will obviously remove it if the people of Scotland don’t like it.