The referendum is over. I feel we have made the wrong decision, but we live in a democracy. If we had remained I hope those in favour of leaving wouldn’t have trashed the country, and Europe, to prove a point.
I will now fight to make the United Kingdom a civilised, successful and most important, inclusive country. I will try to preserve all that is best about Europe and our time in the European Union, and incorporate it into a modern, inclusive United Kingdom. We must all do our best, in what will be a difficult time. Blame and recriminations achieve nothing. We must go forward. It is the way time works, and not even a referendum can change that.
A toast to a United Kingdom, outside Europe, but still friends, and a United Kingdom that Jo Cox would have been proud to represent.
I will do my bit by making the UK countryside accessible to anyone, regardless of ability or disability. And if any of our European friends want to do the same in their countries, I would be honoured to help. Today I launch the new Pony Axe S website, for a more inclusive countryside, and a more inclusive country.


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