Wheelchair Access, South Downs Way, How?

The iBex is a SAFE, wheelchair enabled, pony drawn vehicle. SAFE is what really matters. I have taken the iBex, or to be more precise, Toby, my new, green, semi trained pony, has taken the iBex along some seriously tough terrain. Narrow, steep, rutted, overgrown trails, up and downhill, challenging on a mountain bike, are awesome fro a wheelchair. The iBex makes light work of them because, if anything goes wrong, there is an instant release system.

No other horse drawn vehicle, except the Saddlechariot, has an instant release system. No other horsedrawn vehicle other than the Saddlechariot pays any attention at all to safety, but the explanation is simple. I designed the Saddlechariot and the iBex and I am proud to use cowardice as a design tool. I don’t want to get hurt, I don’t want to get killed. I don’t want people saying “It’s the way he’d have wanted to go.” I want to be SAFE, and with the iBex and the Saddlechariot, if you follow the simple rules (If you are worried, pull the release rope) you are safe, and so is the person in the wheelchair, and so is the pony. Win win win etc

Safety, that’s it. It’s not Bear Grylls, it’s not heroic, in fact it is thoroughly boring, but on the upside it means that any wheelchair user can access anywhere in the countryside. Boring but revolutionary.

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2 Responses to Wheelchair Access, South Downs Way, How?

  1. Donna says:

    Is this available to someone who has their own cart pony? Or does it require someone to lead the pony?


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