Pony Axe S

Pony Axe S takes people who use wheelchairs to all the places where wheelchairs can’t take them. No need to transfer to all terrain or beach wheelchairs, no need to leave your wheelchair behind. We take you, in your wheelchair, anywhere.


Across beaches, along rough tracks, through mud or long grass.


#wheelchairaccess to Exmouth Beach, anywhere, for anyone.

Pony Axe S will cope with anything. Ponies still get traction in deep mud, soft sand, long grass, heather or anything, and they have more power than a rugby scrum. They get you where you want to go, and back.


#Wheelchairaccess Bellever Tor, Dartmoor

Pony Axe S is about access. This isn’t a horse based activity, Pony Axe S gets you where you want to go. All those places you never thought you would get to, they are all possible.


@BoomtownFair Checking out the #wheelchairaccess and testing the grass. How cool can you get?

From @Boomtownfair to Chanctonbury Ring, the choice is yours. Wheelchairs no longer exclude people from the countryside.


Chanctonbury Ring, #wheelchairaccessible.

#wheelchairaccess is Inclusive, open to everyone, so it must be Safe.

Pony Axe S, Providene Court Farm, Exeter EX4 2HB, 07510 736518

43 Responses to Pony Axe S

  1. Karen Benbow says:

    Could I possibly ask how much one of these fantastic vehicles would cost? Thank you.


  2. Anna Higginbotham says:

    How can I organise a drive for my son who is wheelchair bound.
    We live near Guildford


  3. Kim Cluff says:

    Would love to think about having these in Queensland, Australia. I have several good friends who are harness people and I also have a daughter with a disability….please feel free to contact me if I can help.


  4. DON says:

    Wow what a great idea.I want to come and play.


  5. Julian Rourke says:

    This is fantastic!! Living in the Lakes with a profoundly disabled and wheelchair-bound child,This is ideal. Nice one Tony xx


  6. SD says:

    Saw this on Countryfile.. how brilliant… Is there a way to make these more widely available across the country.. ? Even for a post type service for long distance coverage…. brilliant invention..


  7. Charlotte Spender says:

    Brilliant invention


  8. Wow! So impressed! Well done!


  9. Jenny Munro says:

    Inspiring invention for harnessing horse power and the willingness of ponies to give people freedom. Love it!


  10. Karen says:

    Hi we live in oxted Surrey when you up this way for demo


  11. Barbara Maclean says:

    We are in North Ayrshire if you are in Scotland could we purchase a ride for my daughter Zoe in September ?

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Tina Knight says:

    Had an absolutely fabulous day yesterday when my terminally ill mum and amputee dad spent 3.5 hours along Exmouth beach. It was profoundly moving and will never be forgotten. I will do all that I can to promote you. Thank you Simon and Obama. Best wishes, Tina

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Kirsten Macdonald says:

    Hi would love to try this, are you still in Aberdeenshire?


  14. Rachel says:

    I am interested in buying one of your pony chariots that is on ebay but I would need the harness. Can you supply me one to fit an 11.2 and chunky 13.2.
    Kindest regards


  15. Jan Crocker says:

    Can I get access to this in Southampton?


  16. Kate Thomas says:

    My son is 16 and loves being outdoors but is in a wheelchair, he’s got duchenne muscular dystrophy. I love walking and it would be lovely to do something together but as you know things like this aren’t possible. Can you please let me know how much this costs etc and how it works, would love to do this for him in his short life.xx


  17. Deborah Page says:

    This looks fantastic. What parts of the country are you in?


    • ponyaxes says:

      Scotland and anywhere in England the authorities will not harass and question people who use wheelchairs and are using Pony Axe S. Contact me on 07510 736518


  18. ponyaxes says:

    Really easy. I am based either in Forfar or Lanark as this is a truly mobile service and you are easily accessible from either.
    I have worked West Sands and Tentsmuir. Both are easy.
    I have no problems with dementia, or indeed anything. I have never excluded anyone from the service, and don’t intend to start. My pony is chilled and my safety system means if he isn’t chilled everyone is still safe.
    Anyway hope to speak soon.
    07510 736518


  19. Gayle Lindsay says:

    I work with adults with learning difficulties and they also have dementia. We life in St Andrews Fife. I was hoping you could send me more information and if you have plans to come to St Andrews.


  20. studiokingma says:

    I found my way here after coming upon your saddle chariot. This looks like a really great idea! Has the saddle chariot gone by the wayside then?


  21. ponyaxes says:

    Easiest way to contact me is email on simon@ponyaxes.com


  22. Garry King says:

    Great to meet you guys. Be in touch soon. Best wishes. Obama seems so happy at work


  23. Mary Lou Stilwell says:

    Do you ever get to the Outer Hebrides???


  24. David Nelson says:

    Fantastic day on St.Cyrus sandy beach. Simon and Obama were brilliant .what a team to make yesterday a truly memorable experience. Thanks again Simon. Best Regards. David.


  25. lvengshun says:

    I have a few questions about our upcoming visit to the UK. I am walking limited. I use a cane and sometimes a wheelchair. My husband will be traveling with me. How would this work? Is there an email address that I can contact you about additional details?


  26. Sue Taylor says:

    Hi Simon I am on the committee of a community group based in Montrose and would be very interested to hear more about your service. It would be wonderful to organise if possible for yourself and Obama to spend a few hours at the beach at Montrose. We have lots of people we know would love to get on the beach but due to mobility issues can’t. Many thanks Sue please can you email me at sue.taylor1506@gmail.com


  27. Karen Taylor says:

    Hi I work at a hospice in Newcastle with children and young adults and wondering if you would come to Newcastle , as you have been recommended . Look forward to hearing from you .


  28. Hi. Am presuming that following your fantastic publicity in the North East of Scotland this week you will have many bookings.
    My husband, Robin Maitland woke up from a minor back operation 5 yrs ago and has been paralysed from the chest down since. We struggle to find entertainment for him.
    He was brought up in Angus. It is his birthday on July 14th and the following weekend will be the first time we have spent a weekend all together as a family for a long time. I was wondering what your bookings were like for that W/E and whether or not we might be able to take him to St Cyrus beach with you. It would be such a treat for us to be all together with him on the beach. He would love it.
    We live in Banchory but know St Cyrus well.
    Hopefully it will be possible. What you have designed is wonderful and you will make a difference to so many lives of people for which there is little to do.

    I I look forward to hearing from you.


  29. Janet Gibbs says:

    Query for my brother. Multiple disabilities but loves movement outside. Used to love carriage rides but no longer available where we are. Uses heavy motorised matrix chair.
    Please advise of costs and safety features etc. Many thanks.


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